"1811-A 2 Friedrichs D'Or - Kingdom of Prussia PCGS MS61"

1811-A 2 Friedrichs D'Or - Kingdom of Prussia PCGS MS61






2 Friedrich's D'Or



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This is a 2 Friedrichs D’Or made in Berlin within the Kingdom of Prussia in 1811. This is very rare piece that almost never is found in mint state condition. In my opinion, the eye appeal is magnificent for the MS61 grade. The history behind this coin is cloudy, but the broad strokes suggest that this piece was minted starting in 1747 as a trade coin equivalent to 10 silver Prussian thalers. This coin depicts Friedrich William III on the obverse and a Prussian eagle and shield on the reverse. There is also a fasces present which is a symbol of authority from antiquity. You may recognize this from the reverse of our beloved Mercury dime. This is a beautiful example for the judicious collector of world gold coins.